No one is born as a cook and you learn by mistakes same as in action sports but sometimes a mistake can be the new way of something good. A common thing in both cooking and action sports is the free thinking and creativity of individuals. Hard to define is right or wrong easier to judge in High’s and Low’s. Even with experience you’re never fully learned as long as the passion and curiosity is there, it will always be new things to learn you never know from whom.

We want to show the athlete’s lifestyle and way of favorite food in the truest way by challenging them to be the RadChef. In action sports there’s also injuries and the art of recovery involves food, also it can protect and increase immunity against illness and diseases. We hope together with them to inspire people. Happiness and love are the best ingredients for good food, with friends family or alone and if there’s a moment of smile while eating we’ll done.

It’s also helpful in more than one way to eat well makes you feel good. Regardless where you’re from age or gender, thanks to you and we hope you enjoy the RadChef show and living your dream with many great moments to come.

Text by: Peter Ström