Peter Ström

Snowboarding backcountry terrain with wind lips and freestyle through the long winters got him into competing and entered the Swedish national team.

HOME MOUNTAIN: Riksgränsen
SPONSORS: Allian Snowboards, Sesions, Dragon, Dakine
PHOTO: Christian Petit,

His interest in food started at Young age cooking together with his grandmother. Riksgränsen ski resort located in the Arctic Circle, known as Europe’s last Wilderness became his new home. Combining travels around the world and cooking in some of Europe’s best gastronomic regions for food such as Biarritz or Verbier. Also Cooking for Stockholm City Council hall at the most prestige’s gala dinner in the world, the Alfred Nobel Dinner. As international chef he has the knowledge of the Japanese style of cooking and also learned the art to master Teppanyaki.

Peter joined Ingemar Backman’s alliance the first rider driven brand in snowboarding, Allian Snowboards the year of 2000. From Competing at Air and style Nippon open, US open, The Battle also appearing in video parts of Standard films, Absinthe films and many others. Also creator and host of this new show called RadChef where he challenges the athletes whit in action to be the Rad Chef and cook dinner together.