<p>Step by step recipes explained by our guests. Do not miss any of their original and tasty dishes prepared during our program.</p>

Orange Baked Tofu by Nico Müller

Fusion of flavors and exceptional marinade in a colorful and well presented dish.

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Sweet potatoe soup by Nico Muller

Creamy vegetable-based soup to continue with an evening full of culinary surprises.

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Fennel Carpaccio

Vegetarian dish with an original fusion of flavors and a successful combination.

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P&R Pie by Fredi K

Treat yourself with this original and delicious pie proposed by Frederik Kalbermatten.

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Watercress Salad by Fredi K

Healthy and balanced salad with variety of ingredients and vitamins

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Fredi’s Bitchin Veggie Pastetli

Traditional Swiss dish with a personal twist by Fredi K.

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